Founder & Designer:
Yafit Kimchi



Mon Rêve- My Dream.
I believe that each of us need to follow our dreams, no matter what
 In each of us there are many tools available to empower our highest self and various channels to self-discovery.
Gemstones are one of the options available to assist us with this.

I open my original jewelry brand based on my love to gemstones, yoga, and music with the idea of honoring yourself and your surroundings, with authenticity in each aspect.

My love for gemstones opened new aspects of myself I didn’t know I possessed. And so, I started making my own jewelry for every day wear.
It didn’t take long until I started making jewelry for others who loved what I had created- and they asked me to design pieces for them as well.

Each piece of jewelry is hand strung-without the use of machinery or mass production.

Gemstones are used to stimulate spiritual healing powers.
I have designed this jewelry to activate the connection between the body & mind.
All my crafts are designed with thought, care, and a deep spiritual connection; with the intentions of having the best impact on you. And, of course, made with the best quality material.